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Welcome to Långserud
Långserud is a small village in Värmland county in the middle of Sweden. Typical for the environment is forests and fields alternating with lakes and mountains. We have an incredibly beautiful countryside. You will feel welcome here as established residents, summer guests or as an occasional visitor!
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Some facts about Långserud

Långserud is situated in the municipality of Säffle, some 60 km west of the bigger town Karlstad and 240 km northeast of Göteborg. Långserud is a small village with approximately 700 inhabitants; the parish of the same name extends beyond the village itself to the surrounding farms and hamlets, and Långserud is also a postal district covering an even larger area.

Långserud is one of many countryside villages in the county Värmland. This county is famous for its fantastic wilderness with endless forests, beautiful lakes and rivers. It i also the part of Sweden where you can, if your lucky, see wolfs, bears, deers, moose and other wild animals. There are many small lakes were you could find the ultimate silence, without having to travel very far into the wilderness. It is easy to reach from Sweden's second major city; Gothenburg, by train, bus and car.

If you are interested in wild animals, canoeing, walking miles and miles in a fantastic wilderness, fishing and activities of that kind Långserud is the place. And in the winter you can ski and skate, make holes in the ice and devote yourself to ice fishing.


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You can find several different kind of accomodations in Långserud.

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Welcome to Kvarnbacka

Kvarnbacka is a property with rental apartments, with one or two rooms, kitchen and bathroom. Kvarnbacka is sited near a small river, only 100 meters from the house you will find the lake Aspen and not far another lake; Lången. You can rent a fully furnished one room self-catering apartment for a shorter or a longer period of time.
For one night 400SEK,
For a week 2000SEK or
For a month 4350SEK

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phone: +46 708 33 64 54